Update on Naomi. Day… something…

Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick update after taking 3 months off… from updating.


Naomi is doing great! She is almost walking by herself now. She will walk with a posterior walker (by herself) and she is starting to use more words! She says “Da Da” all the time now! (But not as much as Mama) … We took her for her yearly physical yesterday and the Doc said her tryglicerides were way thru the roof. So, we took her yesterday to have MORE blood work done and they said all kidney and liver functions are FINE. Some would say it was a misread by the first doctor. I say…. maybe not. Thanks for all that were praying for her since the accident. Her book is well under way and can be found HERE, although Wendy says she can’t read it cause it makes her cry. Me too. Makes me cry everytime I add to it. You can even DL it for free for perusal at your convenience.

She gets better literally everday peeps. God really showed out in her life and we still talk to people as far away as the Middle East, Africa, and India about her, not to mention right here at home in the states. We go out of state this week coming for rehab re-evaluations, and to have some MRIs done. Honestly, she exceeds rehab goals in half the expected time. In some cases faster. I can’t help but point to the Father, He is the one that gave us the strength to make it through. He is the one that is Healer. He is the reward. He is the one. He is our all, and trust me… we are all His. I will give another update after the rehab evals. Until then Live large and look to God peeps. Peace!


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