How many times does it happen? How many times do we see people want to change, but seem unable to? 

Too many times. Too often people want the change but won’t change their heart to get it.

They want the benefit, but won’t change the life to get it. They want God close, but won’t surrender to Him. They want the blessing, but operate in the curse. They want the freedom, but choose the chains. They want to speak Life, but choose to whisper death. They want to perform the miracle, but believe in the ordinary. Too often, they want to gain the benefit before they change the heart. 

John 11:40 … “Did I not tell you, that if you believe, you would see the glory of god?”

It all starts in the heart.  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is…” Such a simple truth, that is so completely slippery to grasp…

Believe, then recieve. Not recieve, then believe. Want God? Then WANT God.

Believe… and then recieve.


3 thoughts on “Heart

  1. Yes, you have to WANT God! After the last 5 days it has made me go from just wanting to WANT and longing for Him. I had to fully lean into God’s presence and there is nothing like the love, peace and grace you find in His Glory anywhere else! I needed to lose myself in Him to find true life! Great stuff!!

    PS, how’s Naomi doing?

    • Thanks for the comment Wayne! Nomi is doing great! Walked by herself in her walker Friday! Going to do some re-evals but she is headed for a full recovery… we KNOW it!

  2. I’ve recently had a radical perspective change and ever since I’ve seen message after message re-enforcing what God has told me. This is another one. Well said.

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