Feelin’ That Way

I was going to tweet today that I couldn’t understand why Christ would call me friend. Then it hit me like a flat iron skillet. Why wouldn’t he? I have been redeemed. If you rest in Christ’s salvation you have been also. As Christians we must move on from the “why would He save me” to the “Dang… I am priceless in His eyes”. While we can take some time to marvel that He would love us enough to make a way, all while we were His enemy, moving past that to a mindset of standing as a co-heir with Christ will enable you to:

  • Be fearless.
  • Move in power to build His kingdom.
  • Focus on the future. Regard the past as just that: the past. No longer looking backward, only moving forward.
  • Grow beyond the “why” to the “what now”.
  • Trust completely His faithfulness. All that He has for you is intended to grow, not destroy.
  • Be confident in the abilities and talents He has given to you. You have unique talents. Use them unashamedly.
  • Be bold as you realize that you rest in a power that can shake a mountain, or a man, to the core.

Understanding exactly who you are and your value is not something you will stumple upon easily, you have to make up your mind to dig it out of the fertile soil of your heart. Seek that understanding and stand fearless. Not approaching the throne of God with timidity, but with the heart of the Lion that beats within you.


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