Can I be real with you for a sec? I see people all the time that are in a state of denial about how real they are with God, or with people. I think it’s important to sometimes just be real. Just as important to let it show. In this arena we call life we will always be victim to the problems, the arrows that fly by night. As I get older I see that when I stray from the shield that is God’s protection (intentionally, always intentionally) I get pierced, scratched, bloodied. When it happens, it’s only my fault… no one to blame except me. In thinking on this, I understand that the hand that protects me is not only God’s, but my own as well. I am responsible for my own choices. Aren’t we all. This I know: everytime I call on God, wandering, crawling back to His shielding presence, I receive the healing, the cooling mist of His spirit, and understanding of the instruction (sometimes it feels like going behind the woodshed), and I walk forward with a clearer understanding of just how much He loves us, and that in itself breaks me every time.

Today I am broken, not by the curse, but by the promise, and there is nothing I can do but fall to my knees in worship. God is just so… God.


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