The Waiting

Things are starting to change in my life. New things are being birthed, and old tendencies are dying. Naomi (my daughter that drowned) improves daily. She is a hair’s breath away from walking by herself now, and on that day I will post a final update… My daughters (Mae, Caiti, Rachel) all are advancing their careers. My son Caleb is a baseball fiend. Our house situation is changing. Our life is unfolding. God in all of His infinite grace, and faithfulness, shows that with Him, all things are for our good.

Waiting on His promises takes time though. We waited through a situation with Naomi that crucified our doubt. We wait now thru another change. God is in control, and only has our best in mind. The waiting, from a perspective that focuses not on God, and instead focuses on the outcome is hard. I still struggle with that. Just keeping it real. This I know: just one moment in the secret place, the God place, with the God that rules the wind and waves, convinces me that we will be allright.

Next time you find yourself waiting, I pray that you will have the strength to focus on God, and not the situation. Waiting, as hard as it may be, would be even harder without being able to see my saviors eyes, as He crys with me, saying He knows it hurts, and He also knows we will be OK. Until next time, find the God place…


4 thoughts on “The Waiting

  1. Thank you for sharing as you do…well written…also I would like to thank-you for the heart felt send off that GOD/you give on Sundays I look forward/await GOD’S/yours words as they fill the room…our ears, minds and heart…I carry them with me throughout Monday…Tuesday then I’m refilled on Wednesday after my bible study I finish out Thursday/Friday & Saturday…can’t seem to wait for Sunday to here the Word then GOD/you to send us off again…through you/your family GOD has shown us plenty…again thanks….your sister in Christ Jesus…..Penney…..

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