Update on Naomi Faith. Day 345

As I sit and type, I have reason to pause and look back on a year that could have wrecked us, but by choice (and design?) has elevated our family and our faith reationships to levels we could have only dreamed of before Nomi’s accident. I remember thinking on Easter Sunday what would my thoughts, my feelings have been like if Nomi had not been here to wear her pretty little dress? I will keep that between me and God until a later post.

God has proven to a world of doubters that He is still in the miracle business. We went last week for MRI’s and the nuerologist told us the difference in the 1st  and second set of MRI’s is astounding… 1st set: global damage, rear of brain and in the temporal lobes, affecting co-ordination speech, etc.

2nd set: a small amount of scar tissue around her Basil Ganglia.

A miracle? In our hearts, eyes and minds a resounding yes. Some still see and doubt. Some see  and still try to explain it away as merely a medical oddity. Some see and still say that she has reached the apex of her rehab. We say differently. Naomi says differently. We were told correctly that the brain cannot heal itself. The cells that have died will not regenerate, and fluid will fill the spaces left behing by shrinking tissues. She has no damage except for a small amount of scarring deep inside her brain, says her neurologist. I have been waiting until Naomi walked by herself to post this. So… without further ado… Here is what Naomi says:

Psalm 91 – You who live in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust.”…

May the King of kings make His face shine upon you. May He give you understanding, and trust, and comfort. May He be your strength. Peace to you… We are no longer in the valley, and are climbing the mountain with enthusiasm…


6 thoughts on “Update on Naomi Faith. Day 345

  1. I’d never wish the accident on your family but I’m still grateful for everything that’s happened since that time. I’m sorry for the pain you’ve had and the struggles she’s had and still has but that little girl has already had more victory than most people think can even happen. Your families response to all of this is another miracle and another victory.

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