Owning: The Starting Block

Owning is a funny thing. You can own a car and it can sit in your garage, covered by a “protective” tarp. You can own a dog and “chain” it inside a fence, only to feed it once a day. You can own a own a vintage Les Paul guitar, and “store” it in a closet, unseen and unplayed for decades. You can own a love of your family, simply to place it on a second shelf, next to an old dream, and “let” life cover them both in dust, not forgotten, but never realized. You can own a call from God, and “distract” yourself from ever completing it. Owning. A verb, a concept, and an accomplishment, all too often unrealized.

Owning is more than “having in possession.” It is accepting possession and then operating in that possession. Any excuse used to run from operating in it is something you need to target for removal from your way of life. 

  • Protecting what you own… PLEASE!! You got to get out and drive what you own! FAST!! With enthusiasm!!!
  • Chaining what you own is a great way to live a life of mediocrity. Arriving at the end with unfulfilled potential, asking “why?” as you look back on what might have been.
  • Storing what you own is just inviting rust and corruption to come in and steal the lustre from what can be.
  • Letting life cover what you own is something you need to be on constant gaurd against! Being intentional in standing and fighting for what you own is the only way life’s mundane ordinari-ness won’t steal what you own away.
  • Distraction is often a person’s way of backing out of the fight, fearful of becoming hurt in the red rain of battle.

That thing that is in you… the vision, the work, the concept, whatever it may be… own it today. Accomplish the owning and you are nearly home, because when you truly own something, you fight for it. To the end.

Own it.. it’s a great start!


2 thoughts on “Owning: The Starting Block

  1. That Cornerstone Staff sure have some purdy blogs! 🙂
    Looks great bro and as always a good word!

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