A Passionate Revolution

Time waits for no man. Talking with a friend several months ago, he told me that he used to go to church. Used to.

From a young age, he was indoctrinated into a religious apathy that would near the middle of his life cause him to look back and wonder where all the years had gone. “We would go to church, shake a few hands, stand up, pray, sit down, listen half-heartedly to an announcement or two, stand up, sing an old song that means nothing to me, sit down, listen even less to a preacher telling us about heaven and hell, stand up hum a few bars of the next song, shake a few, head on home to the “good life” and do it all over again the next week. 40 years later I wonder what happened”… Familiarity may breed contempt, but apathy produces lack. Lack of concern, of even the ability to see the rut that you have been walking in. Couple the two together and you have a loss of passion.

Ways to keep your passion hot:

  • Do something dangerously different. Dangerous. Pray… I mean really pray. And not just the prayer list from your church. Ask God to give you something fresh, new, and dangerous to your current way of thinking. Journal. Keep a record of what God has spoken into your life.
  • Read. If you have a bible that you have marked up with a highlighter put it on the shelf, get a new bible, and read. Old highlited passages draw your eye and you won’t see the new truth that God wants you to see.
  • Have some alone time with God. If you can’t say that you have been broken and changed after your God time, you haven’t had God time. 1 John 3:18-20 (God is greater than our heart and knows all things)
  • Quit being concerned with what “the average Christian” thinks of you. The ONLY way you will live an astonishing life is to rise above the ordinary.

When the time comes for us to take stock of our lives, let us not look back and wonder what could have been, rather with a wondering heart let us all be able to say that we have lived and loved with all that is in us. Stay hot!


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