“Walk by the light you have so the darkness doesn’t destroy you”… Jesus said this.

Meaning: walk and live in the knowledge of grace and mercy you have. Don’t try to walk in what you are ignorant of. Who in the world would try to operate intentionally in things they are ignorant of? Easy question, hard answer. All of us at some point try to operate in ignorance. We think we know the answer. In fast food lines, in the high speed world of our lives, in the brushed off opportunities to love our kids, our wives. In the chances to show kindness we all miss. In the chances to bless we all miss.

“Why can’t they get the order for LARGE fries right?” They may have had an abortion yesterday, they might be thinking hard on it.

“Can we throw the ball now?”    “I’ll clean up for the wife later, after the news…”     “A hug and smile might lead to a long drawn out conversation…”       “Maybe I could pay for that old dudes meal, but would he even appreciate it??…”

None of us are Jesus. We will never live up to the standard.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. You have to focus on the light, to keep from being drawn into the darkness.

Focus with me now… today.


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