God Of War?


When the minds of humanity contemplate the processes of God, we tend to be selfish.

Murder. Child abuse. Drug addiction. Famine. War. Hate. Suicide. “Why does God allow these things to happen?”… might as well ask why we try to kill God everyday. God caused us to murder? To abuse or be abused? He caused us to pick up that crack pipe? God caused us to kill and be killed? We have become obsessed with blaming God for the things that we do to ourselves. When we take God out of our lives we are dead to Him. How can God orchestrate our lives when we have taken the role from Him? We can’t “kill” God, but we sure do ban Him from our lives, and then complain about the rain, the red rain we have brought on ourselves. The sooner the human race understands what culpability is about, the sooner we can start the healing process, which starts with God.

God is not about hate people. He is love, and only love.

Understand it, and quit blaming God for the shortcomings that are found only within ourselves.


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