End of a Journey


There is a thing that moves among us. It is a true friend to very few, and a terror to many. Even as it’s countenance is looked upon with fear by some, it is welcomed by others… even though it may still be feared. Some never see it coming, some may look full into it’s face. Some disregard it’s presence in our daily lives. Some revere it. Some worship it, as if this thing ruled the universe. Some try to dress it up, to romanticize it, to make it more than what it seems. In the end, you and I will know it’s touch. It is death, and as strong as it may be, there is something stronger.

When my daughter was in the hospital we became friends with many others that were in situations beyond their control. Lots of families there bonded together over shared struggles with grief, illnesses, and overcoming the same. We became friends with one particular family, whose very young daughter Nya was admitted because of a stroke. She started to have seizures, and so started their journey into a period of the unknown. Friday night their beautiful daughter passed away. One year and three months after we met them, they are going thru a very difficult time, and my heart is broken for them, because they have lost their daughter. At the same time I know in my heart that their hope, being found in Christ, is the salve that soothes the hurt. Because of what happened to Naomi, I know that the pain will last forever, but the abilty to withstand will last forever and a day. For those that know faith, not by name, but by the strong embrace of courage it brings, death is a threshold. For those that do not know, it is and end. By the same faith Nya’s parents have, we know that we will see her again. She is no longer in pain. She is whole, and justified completely now, on a new path that we wonder about… “exactly what is at the end?”

Death yet be strong… Faith is where true victory lies. Peace to Nya’s family. Our prayers are with you.


3 thoughts on “End of a Journey

  1. What more could be said other than amen? Jesus said “He that believes in me though he were dead yet shall he live.” I stand on these great promises. May the Comforter be with this family.

  2. Hello Chris , I would to include Spiritual Warfare. Prayer Wall on Facebook would be very useful. Armor of God,the Book of Revelations,the 4th Seal is opened.

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