Famous Last Words

1. I think I’ll go live in a tent in the Yukon and study Grizzlies.

2. Oh, I dropped my phone. Well, since I’m only driving in Atlanta, I’ll just reach down there to get it.

3. I know I’ve never driven a motorcycle, but I think imma go buy that Harley for my 57th birthday.

4. Ah… I’m good enough that I don’t need to prepare. I’ll just go wing that speech.

5. I don’t need to be careful when I climb, I’m lucky!

6. How hard can it be to smuggle a kilo of coke into Russia?

7. He’s not really dangerous… my Bengal tiger is TAME!

8. I’ll have another 5 easy over, with a side of bacon, grits, and butter toast.

9. Reality is for people that can’t handle drugs.

10. Nah, it’s not loaded.

And finally….

11. I’m just going for a brisk walk in the night air.


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