Never Fear Again

For those new to this blog, I need to recap a couple things. Quickly I promise. Our daughter Naomi drowned last year. After the ambulances, and the life support was started, we were told she would not survive 48 hours. We had faith, we believed, we trusted God, and we prayed over her, laying hands on her. She lives today. Growing into the little girl that God has always wanted her to be. Her lead doctor told us that in 35 years of practice, he had never seen a child with similar injuries recover. It was only God my friends, only His mercy, compassion, and His different plan for her life.

Well, I was watching Naomi sleep last night, and I realized something about her and the miracle that she is… something about who God is and how His might is shown in the lives of ordinary people. This: If you do not know the power of God, if you have never witnessed it (because you weren’t looking), If you have not felt Him move mountains, it’s because you’re operating in your own power. Only when you CAN’T do it, ONLY then will His mighty power be known, and shown, in your life. We couldn’t save Naomi. Only the purest power of Christ could do that. Through us yes, but the strength and power we held in our own hands was insufficient. When Christ was given control, when He was given AUTHORITY… absolute and complete, His power became obvious to anybody that was looking. It takes faith, yes. It takes surrender… yes. It takes TRUST. It will cost everything that you are, but I promise you this: when you lose yourself, you find Him. When you find Him, you find the real you.

And the real you will NOT be afraid. EVER again.


3 thoughts on “Never Fear Again

  1. Thank you Mr. Chris, those are really profound words to live by. Thank you for your heart and God bless your ministery! Love and miss you and your family.

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