The Worship Pastor (Sunday)

At church by 7, no later than 7:15. I begin the rounds by powering up the board. Then the AV room. Next the stage instruments. Hook up the click track for the drums. Then some alone time. Praying, asking God to reveal Himself to us in the small things, and in the large. The change comes fairly quickly. No longer operating in the ordinary, I find myself in a place of stage lights, guitars, drums, and keyboards, and I know that the most High King is with me. Offering Him what I have, the very talents He has given, I’m no longer praying, but walking with, talking with, the creator that brings peace to the Sunday morning prep time. He has my back, and I have His. His will is going to be done in the hearts and minds of our people. Not my church’s people. Not my people. His people. Our people. The band starts to show up. The vocalists too. We prep all in our own way: in ear monitors, tuning, warming up, vocal exercises. Then we pray as a team, asking the Spirit of God to guide, holding hands as we join our hearts. We understand the significance of leading the battle with praises, songs of victory, songs of yearning, songs of truth… and we surrender.

Sound check. Smoothing out what could possibly distract attention from God. Run through. Our Coms Pastor Jonathan Pearson takes care of filling up the baptism pool. Our senior pastor Artie Davis brings us a word of encouragement. So many people volunteer their time and energies at Cornerstone … and they are the real heroes. They are the road that carries the church to the community.

1st service:  2 baptisms at the end. Life. all of a sudden, we’re done.    Then 2nd service: done.

Out of nowhere the time has gone, and I’m not playing and singing anymore. I’m feeling sort of empty, like a glass poured out, or maybe like a fire that has burned low and is smoldering, waiting on the next bit of fresh fuel to consume. I’m actually feeling a little lonely, all the while surrounded by people I love. Packing to leave, I do my best to say hello to as many church peeps as possible, while leading Nomi and Caleb to the car. It’s raining today, a little chilly. I think cartoons and a cuddly couch are in order, after a visit to my mom and dad (Nomi likes to show Nana and Papa pictures on the iPad).

Maybe it’s just the rain. Maybe it’s the power that we felt today, that is less now. Maybe it’s the chill in the air, a feeling that summer is gone, and winter is coming… I just feel less than I did when the day started. I look forward to the new day. It’s coming… and so is the post about it.


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