The Dangerous Christian

Sometimes we want to worship God from here: comfortable and complacent. Danger is, we are unaffected and ineffective. Unaffected in your worship means you are (as a consequence) ineffective in building His kingdom. You CANNOT have a face to face moment with the Creator of the universe and be unchanged. We want to know that God has used us (if you are a christian), and having the drive to build His kingdom will start with something as small as wanting people to go to church, or a concert, or anyplace, to discover what you found. As you grow in Christ, you grow in your building skills. What started as inviting others to church grows to sharing the knowledge God gives you. It’s because you are growing into a life of worship. Affected, and effective. Never underestimate the power that is given to your particular building skills. Billy Graham has led tens of thousands toward Christ. One man, an usher, led a young Billy Graham to the seat at a youth conference where Mr. Graham discovered Christ. Billy Graham: 10,000. The usher: 10,001 (or more). Worship. In truth, and in spirit, affects you, then you effect others. Complacency is your enemy. Worship is your weapon. Now, move forward. Fight for yourself.

Be dangerous.


4 thoughts on “The Dangerous Christian

  1. A Christ focused Christian carries the battle wherever he goes and he never goes alone. Too often I get complacent. Much too often. I’m working on my attitude (or rather, God is working on my attitude). Great message.

  2. Billy Graham: 10,000. The usher: 10,001 (or more). Perspective. It’s hard sometimes to remember that just because we don’t “see” or “hear” about someone coming to Jesus, that our actions have played a role as we simply remain obedient to fulfill what He is asking of us…like being an usher to some teenager at a youth conference. Love it.



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