Crossing Over

There’s a point in your life where you cross over, or you stay behind the line. What line? The lines all around you, that close in your life, trying to keep the miracle inside you bottled up in mediocrity. The lines mark the boundaries of:

Going from unbelieving to being faith filled.

From quiet complacency to confident tenacity.

From blissfully normal to quietly extraordinary.

From being comfortable to being challenged.

Living a life of satisfaction is certainly an attainable goal, but we were meant for more than this. We are meant to live in such a way that the lives of those around us are changed for the better. You may not be able to take Jesus to the entire world, but to somebody in your world, you may be the only Jesus they ever see. Don’t let them see a Jesus that creates mediocrity. Let them see the Jesus that creates life abundantly. Is it a prerequisite to salvation? No, but…

My God believes in me. He qualifies, and equips me.

My Jesus is tenacious. To the point of dying on a cross for those that put Him there.

My Holy Spirit is extraordinary, going to extremes to educate me in the ways of God.

Don’t sit in the mediocre… cross that line. It’s as easy as standing up and walking toward Jesus. Go from comfortable to challenged. It’s the only way to go from ordinary, to extraordinary.


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