Post Modern

I read an article today that has stirred me up a little bit. It was about the steady decline of “religion” in America. It seems that more people in America have decided to disassociate themselves with “religion”, but here’s the rub… more than ever people are looking to fill a hole in their lives; just look at the internet, there are all kinds of technologies available to help people do this. Blogging (which I do), Twitter (yeah, that too), online games (nope), online anything…then look at all of the events that we create in order to fill the time of our assorted lives. Recreational activities are limited only by the pocketbook, and not by the imagination anymore. Some use business as a way to fill the time, the hole, use it as a way to create what they perceive as mass where there really is a void. Some simply shut the world out and call things good, there are all sorts of THINGS out there to fill our time and our lives with what we think is entertainment, or bliss, or “a higher consciousness”. Has the church failed? Have we ignored the commission given to us by Jesus found in Matthew? Have we really watered down the gospel, used entertainment with live bands and called it “church”? Have we failed to reach a lost and lonely world with the only news that could save it?


Who can say that the church has failed? Would one that doesn’t have a relationship with God say so? The spiritual things of God are nonsense to them… how would they know? Who has ears, would they be ever listening but never hearing? Those that have eyes, ever seeing but not understanding?
I have been to a church that has seen, and heard, listened, and understands. I belong to one such church. I have seen people bound by chains that the world seduced them with be set free. I have seen true worship, in spirit and in truth. I have seen true salvation, given by God alone to men, I have seen grown men, and women, cry out to God with all that is in their hearts, and receive Him. I have seen families, father, mother, and children, publicly proclaim that God is their savior, and be baptised…. togetherI have seen things that are nonsense to the world. God is alive. As for news articles claiming that the USA is in a steep decline of spirituality, I wonder if anyone has taken a moment to consider this – Is it possible that any or all of those born after “baby boomers” just happen to claim God as their heavenly Father, but choose not to claim their forefathers “religions”? I just happen to know some that do… but that does not negate the fact that they do believe, and hold salvation in their hearts. Religion: a set of ritualistic rules and regulations, as in a system used to worship.

My God desires more than ritual, He desires the heart.


2 thoughts on “Post Modern

  1. Even people who deny religion have a religion. Science is a religion. Materialism is a religion. What they lack, and what they crave, even if they don’t know, is relationship. This was well said, Chris.

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