I have done it. Maybe you have.

I see it sometimes, hear it more and more often, and have to shake my head, wondering why we as a people pronounce judgment, as if we are the Christ and not the bride.

A Christian belittles a Christ follower, who denounces a disciple, who puts down the religious, who judge the poor; as if any of us are perfect in our Holier than Thou righteousness… me included. Where is the line in the sand… that separates judging the action to judging the person? Why do we so often cross the line, unthinking, uncaring, only bent on proving the point: I’m right, you are wrong?

Christ came not to condemn, but to save. To show the blind that they could see, and also to show those that think they can see, that they are really blind. John 9:39

God, the next time I turn my mind and heart to condemn someone worthy of the blood of Christ, help me to see. Father, please, I don’t want to be one of the blind. I don’t want to sit in a comfortable chair called self righteousness, and throw my stones in the sand near the line you have drawn. I want to be like the one that helped Mary to her feet, after the accusers had all left… muttering curses even as they claimed the walk of victory.

Father, I want to see. Even if it means I lose all that I am, I want to see as You see.

Help me.     … Help us.


4 thoughts on “Misrepresentin’

  1. God has been working with me in ‘real time’ about not judging others. I have been put in a situation where I have had to humble myself big time in order to get the help that my family has needed due to circumstances. God has given me a more tender understanding heart for those who circumstances are, shall we say ‘not optimal’? God is the only one who can truly know our hearts and I would not be a faithful follower if I did not understand this truth.

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