Update on Naomi: Day 627

Today: I kissed an angel. I played with her while she rode in her barbie jeep. I took her to see her Nana and Papa. I played catch with her in my living room, with a pink Nike soccer ball. I watched part of “Groundhog Day” her. An angel helped me light a fire in my fireplace, by helping me break up twigs for kindling.


Nomi and her new friend Ashlee.

Blonde hair. Blue eyes. 5 years old now. An angel of the highest order.

Today Nomi and I were laying on the floor just looking at each other, and it dawned on me. As close as I am to this miracle, I have… not forgotten, but maybe become complacent in regarding the message that she brought to our lives. After her drowning (near drowning as the doctors term it), our family was consumed by the urgency and ferocity of God’s redeeming mercy and grace in saving our baby. Then I had taken to thinking her situation was something to be expected. I thought that the mercy shown was more commonplace than one would think. I was wrong. The statistics of “warm weather near drownings” bear me out. Nomi is not in the normal. I lay on the floor today, looking into the eyes of a miracle that quite honestly has raised many questions in my mind, and her small hands and quirky smile brought me to tears once again. She is walking by herself now. She can talk. She can spell her name. She does all of the things a 5 year old does, and more. She has told us of some of her remembrances. She knows things that “ordinary” 5 year olds don’t. She has communicated a knowledge of angels… of God, of heaven, and also of things the shadows are known for. She has brought a message from God to thousands of people, evidenced by the comments on this blog, and her Facebook page. She brought a message to our family. To our church. To our world. The update is this: she is fine, and still improving. No one can tell us exactly how, or why, but she is going to be a perfectly normal and healthy little girl.

Her message is this: There is more out of this world than you can understand, but there is a God that can help you with as much as you can handle. And we are still finding faith.


2 thoughts on “Update on Naomi: Day 627

  1. That is great Mr. Chris I am so glad that she is doing so well. I have been praying for you all and hope that all is well with you all too. Miss you all and love you. God is so good and he never seems to amaze us on what he can do through miracles. God bless you all.

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