If There Had Been E-mail When I Was Stupid…

Dear Chris, this is you, which is to say me, only older.

I wanted to write you because I thought you would listen to me, that is to say, yourself, about the future and what it holds for you. The good stuff: Music, Joy, and you win!

The bad stuff: Tragedy, Pain, Sorrow, … and you lose.

You end up losing much that is important to you. Your self image (the “rock-star” thing), your all encompassing lifestyle, your ability to move on without a care in the world, your ability to look past the homeless guy/gal without caring, your lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. You wind up being one of the things you laughed at most: a “pastor”… go figure huh? You are probably thinking it’s Karma, but you’re wrong.

You end up with 5 kids.  4 girls and one boy to carry on your name. One of them (your adopted son) is not the same color as you. One of them (your adopted daughter) drowns. One has three kids by the time she is 25. Not exactly like you thought it would turn out dude.

You wind up winning though… your son loves you, and plays football like a beast. Your daughter that drowned is saved by another daughter, and ends up beating every single doctor’s prognosis. Every single one. The daughter that did the saving (she jumped in the pool and started CPR) has plans to go into the Air Force as part of the JAG corp. Another daughter is going to be a talented nurse. Your oldest daughter is a CNA that has adopted a little girl (she has two boys too)… just like you and your wife. Again… go figure. Life is better than you thought it would be. You might not care to hear about it in your current state, but God is alive, real, and His plans for you end up turning out better than your own plans. I hope you can read this with an open mind, but if you can’t that’s OK… cause even if you don’t believe in God right now, He believes in you. Don’t get too caught up in not getting that record deal. Records won’t even be around much longer. Laugh, learn, enjoy… but remember that it’s not all about you. One day that’ll hit home hard, and you might want to be ready for it. And don’t be too upset about me calling you stupid. You end up learning enough to be able to say that with authority. Right now you are stupid. One day you won’t be.

Finally, go buy ALL THE STOCK YOU CAN in “APPLE”, a company started by a guy the name of Steve Jobs. Trust me, we won’t be sorry! Peace, and may the force be with you (even if it’s not the force you understand yet)…


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