Too Late (The Closed Door)

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

I was being asked by God to write and publish a song about going to hell. I’m not a big fan of “fire and brimstone” tactics when it comes to sharing Jesus. I have even posted on this blog about condemning people into the Kingdom of Heaven. So why in the world was God asking me to write a “going to hell” song?? Was this supposed to be a Jonah moment for me? Well, I procrastinated, and argued, and whined about how that’s not the “cool” thing to write about… and then I gave in, wrote it and posted the rough draft. I do think it has been a way for God to get my attention, and spread a particular message He wanted to get out: One day there will be Judgement, and it is wise to give some attention to it’s importance now. Anyway, here’s the video. Please share it, comment on it, and listen to it’s message. I can assure you, this one didn’t come from my happy place. Maybe that’s what God wanted someone to hear… that we can still love Him, serve Him, and wonder why He moves the way He does. Comments are welcome… Click on the picture above to watch the video.


2 thoughts on “Too Late (The Closed Door)

  1. Thanks Chris for heeding the poking and prodding of the Holy Spirit. This is a topic that needs more exposure. Many do not understand that there indeed comes a time when it will be too late.

  2. Wow!!! What a touching message that breeds Spiritual growth. God bless you some more with your call. The message and video are both Praiseworthy for His glory.

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