Leave Your Guy Alone


I have been very blessed to work with Artie Davis, the author of Craveable, at Cornerstone Community Church in Orangeburg, SC. When Artie approached me about the “worship leader” position at our church, I was taken aback a little. I was not what your “ordinary” worship leader looked like. I thought he was going to ask my opinion about hiring someone else. What I didn’t know then was this: Artie had been praying to God for some time about who GOD wanted in that position, not about who ARTIE wanted in that position. I had been praying that same thing for a couple years. As I came to understand that I was the focus of our conversation, I immediately thought back to a previous conversation I had with God…

“God, I would be a great worship leader. I got the skills, and I won’t give up on You. You know it big Guy! Gimme a chance, I will do it!!”

And then I heard it… the thundering whisper in the not so stillness of my heart…

“Are you SURE?” … I opened my mouth to shout YES!!! Then shut it slowly as I realized that the creator of the universe expected me to examine myself and answer with sober honesty. 

Here’s the point (for all of you wondering about my rambling). Artie heard. Artie listened. Artie spoke to his leadership circle. Artie asked me. Then Artie got out of the way. He understood that I needed to be given the chance to fail, and then encouraged me to succeed. 

He has never told me how to do it. He has never questioned my calling by over-riding my authority. He has never asked me why I wasn’t in the office (when I was needing some God time by the river). He has never questioned my musical taste, and never discouraged, or put me down, in public OR in private. He has ONLY encouraged, equipped, challenged, and spoken life into me. The result is a relationship between a Senior Pastor and a Worship Pastor that is uncommonly strong.

You want a worship leader that can eventually be your Worship Pastor? Hear from God first, then listen to God, then leave the guy that God chooses alone. It works.


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