How can you trust what you can’t see? How can you know that God is real, when even for Christians it’s sometimes hard to feel Him near? How do I go from knowing what truth is to applying truth in my own life? How am I supposed to believe in God, when there is so much pain in what I see, feel, and hear?

Questions can be like morphine, which may not remove all pain, but will certainly make you not care about the pain that’s left. Numbing you. In some cases, killing you.

Too many times we focus on the question and not the answer. When the question becomes so encompassing that you stop seeking the answer you’ve run into a wall inside yourself. You will begin defending the question, instead of seeking the answer. And there, you will put your back against the wall, and slide down, sitting there, unmoving, unknowing, and uncaring. Defending the notion of being right, all the while ignoring the possibility that you are blind, you grow immobile and unmovable. Comfortable. Numb to insight…

Well, what about these questions? I can’t answer them for you. But for me, I rejected the impossibility of God, and took a step toward the door when He knocked. Unlocked that door. Threw it open WIDE, where it hit with such a force as to crack and crumble the walls. Are there still some walls left? Yes. Will I be able to climb them? If I can’t knock them down, yes. My desire is the answer, not the question… maybe what you need to do is get on the road to answering for yourself.

Think about it.


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