Hello Fear.


This past month has been a wonder. Not a good one. At least not in the general sense. At least not at first. Honestly a lot of what we are dealing with still sucks.

Between family (sickness) and finances (buying a house) I have been on a roller coaster ride. My wife has been taking some heavy duty drugs for Wegener’s Disease. She feels bad sometimes. A lot actually. Having to deal with all the other family “stuff” has been, well… hard.

We are buying a house. YAY! Well, the bank has been hard to deal with, and has made this particular experience a little like trying to snuggle with a cactus.

Feeling like I’m torn in a hundred different distracting directions, our senior pastor Artie Davis came to us a couple weeks ago with this: “guard against distraction and confusion”. Confusion blurs your focus and distracts you from the goal.

Bam. I felt the weight of  what he was saying. Immediately.

Then my friends Scott and Veridee Hand asked my to help lead worship at their daughter’s victory party. And there, in the midst of the songs I was preparing to worship with, I find an answer: Our God is not dead. He is faithful, and we can count on Him. His Love never fails, and will sustain us through what we consider the “hard” things. He loves us. And because he does, fear is dead to me.

Isaiah 59:19. 



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