The Hater

Hatin' on Worship


When people hate what they hate simply because they hate… There is evidence of the absence of Love. Love and hate will never coexist in the same heart.

A crowded heart full of hate will overspill, and get on you. Same with a heart crowded with love. What you are full of will get spilled on the people around you. When people hate because they hate what/who/how/where/when, there is nothing you can do for them except show them the door of Love. The door in their heart that Christ would knock on if they would just walk up to it, put an ear to it, and listen. If they refuse to see the door, they will continue in their hate, and there is nothing you will ever change about that. Notice that I never said that Christ couldn’t change that… I said YOU will never change that. When people hate just because they hate, they will have disdain for everything, including who they are.

Haters gonna hate. Lovers just gotta keep on lovin’.


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