Mirrors of Change


We all have within us the desire to leave a legacy. To leave something of ourselves for the next generation, or person, whoever it would be that would stumble on our word or thought, and be changed for the better because of it. How do we do it? The hugeness of overcoming the odds that someone will see, hear, or read our heartfelt words and thoughts seems dauntless. Do I blog? How can I affect a person on the other side of the world? Do I write a book? How can what I have to say make someone else’s life better? Who can I get to help me do this monumental task? Should I somehow make a video??How do I go about it?? Huge task. But then…

If you have people in your life, I want you to stop for just a moment. Think about them. A barber. A grocery clerk. A drive thru girl at McDonalds. A Teacher… A truck driver. A next door neighbor. A family member.

Changing the world starts with looking in the mirror. Clear the smoke and cobwebs that live in you, then… Be a friend to the people in your life. Be a father, or mother… or son. Be the daughter you want to have. A huge task? Yes to every example.
But the results?

Huge.     Be the change.


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