3 Things You Can Learn From Snow in The Deep South

I Live in the South. Some would say the Deep South, but I prefer to think of it as the Medium South. We had a school closing here a few weeks ago because… the temperature dropped below 15 degrees! The slogan of our capital city includes the words “famously hot”… We grow citrus, and peaches.

snow in the south

Here’s what you can learn from people that live where it’s famously hot on a night before a 3″ snowfall:

  1. Never go to Wal-Mart on the night before a snowfall, unless you want to scope out a madhouse of frenzied buying of milk, eggs, and bread. And candles. And warm fuzzy things. Kind of like in your spiritual walk, you can sometimes try to prepare when it’s too late. The masses prove my point.
  2. Never try to drive in the snow, even if you know how. Do you really want people from the “famously hot” city (state) to drive on wet slippery roads next to you? Kind of like in your relationships, you don’t want to be on the same road as someone that’s gonna run you off the road. Into a ditch. ‘Cause then you’ll be out in the cold, wet and mad. Unless you are going to let a four wheel drive truck pull you on an inner tube like I plan to do tomorrow. If I don’t blog again in a few, pray for my complete healing.
  3. Always be ready to give stuff to the neighbor that was too lazy … um, busy, to properly prepare his/her household. Kind of like… yeah you get it. Be ready to share what you have inside. Sometimes people don’t know they need it until they know they need it, and see that you have it.

Any points you would like to add? I will read them from my couch, or hospital bed!


4 thoughts on “3 Things You Can Learn From Snow in The Deep South

  1. Chris, you might get a kick out of a video that a college student in our church made called Bread & Milk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5InQQG364Q

    I went to college in East Texas and it would snow about once a year. I used to ask my friends from the area if they were legally obligated to jump in their cars and have a wreck because that is exactly what most of them did when it snowed.

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