Communication Will Break You

if you don’t precisely say what you mean, even if you don’t precisely convey what’s on your mind.

Fluer De Lis

My problem is that I think (mostly) that people will understand what I’m trying to say because I (wrongly) assume that they will read what I have written and identify with my personality. Even though they have no idea what I’m really like. I leave a comment on a blog, a text message on a phone, or an improperly turned phrase on an answering machine, annnndd….

Not all people get it.

See, if you don’t use words to say exactly what you wish to express, you leave yourself and your words open to literal interpretation by people that may not be able to read from your words what your thoughts are. I’m guilty. Some of the time. And I don’t use proper syntax.

So, even if I don’t say exactly what’s on my mind, I usually do say exactly what I wish to be interpreted. Usually.

Go Saints.


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