The more I see, the more I’m convinced that God has yet to introduce me to my greatest gifting. I have seen great and miraculous things; I am priveledged to see His grace renewed fresh every week, sometimes daily. I see the wonder and work of His hands, and not all of it is in the natural order of things, not all of it is in nature. Supernatural occurences in life can be common, everyday things to be experienced, touching the heart, and the soul, if you only look, and see. They can change you. Watching families overcome defeat. Seeing the effects of lifelong addictions become testimonies of grace and mercy, instead of curses and objects of dejection. Listening to the worship of the heart instead of the worship of the hand. As people we know that there is something… more. More than us. Even if you can’t call it God, you know. Romans 2:15

For me, God is more than a song. He is more than box that I look into on special occasions. He is more than a thing that causes disaster because of my unfaithfulness to His ideals. He. Is. Real. Real to me. And by His light I see all that I am is nothingness and dust without Him leading my feet down the path that leads to the clearing of His choice, and not the clearing of my choice. We all make choices… I decide to let mine be God’s choices. Proverbs 19:21

Let it rain.


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