A Selfish Surrender


We have a tendency toward selfishness. When Adam was asked about the apple, he told God “No, it was her fault”, when we are faced with difficult situations, we want to pull the cover over our head and hide. We want to run from the danger, not too it. We want our “christian” lives to be full of productivity, without any of the mess. We want to help people find Jesus, but don’t want to get outside of a building to do it. We want to help people follow Jesus, but we don’t want to get their smell, their dirt, on us. We want to help people be like Jesus, but we can’t seem to help us be like Jesus.

Where does it start? How to make the switch? How do we do what we can’t do? How do we say what our mouths can’t speak, and walk in ways that our feet don’t know?


Easily said, but define that word. Is surrender the act of giving up, giving in? How do you give in to a God that already is supposed to know your heart? Know your thoughts and feelings, and everything else about you? Scripture says that “He knew us before we were yet formed” so why do I need to surrender? A hard question with an answer that surprises. Surrender is not for Him. It’s for you. Giving up what is yours, what will be yours, and what was yours. Surrender defines the part of your soul and being that wants to give in to the absolutely relentless love that God has for us. Regardless of whether or not you believe in God, he believes in you, and all you have to do is give in. Lose yourself to find yourself. It might sound easy.

It’s not… Surrender. We make it harder than it has to be.


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