Why You Shouldn’t Worry About The Worship Wars

Worship Wars


Worship is a way to communicate with Jesus. One way, Not the way. As the debate over who is eligible to lead, why we should include this, exclude that, have this many songs, use this/that genre, indoors, outdoors, front facing, backwards facing, guitar, piano, finger painting… please be aware that I have neither the time, inclination or patience to list each and every arguable point as an exhaustive list. My point for writing this is simply: If you are certain you are in. God’s. Will. Then you. Are. Fine. The component elements that make up your church’s cultural context are for your church, not mine. Leading worship for 60 year old iron workers from PA is going to look a lot different than leading worship for 26 year old latinos in CA. Cultural context means everything. Why would I let someone in a different state, city, or even church in my own town tell me how to lead the body God has given to my own church? Let those that debate continue on, and we know that as each and every christian “Expert” fires another round at the other christian “Expert” more people will be turned against Jesus. When christians do damage to each other, people place the blame at Jesus’ feet. People will always blame God for the mistakes of men, and THAT is what you should worry about.

Is your worship chasing people away from Jesus, or leading them to Him? Just my .02


One thought on “Why You Shouldn’t Worry About The Worship Wars

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