Life, Death, and the Beekeepers Bees


Bees are fascinating. They build, work, live, create, and die together in huge communities.

When my daughter Naomi had her accident, I had no idea of what God’s faithfulness looked like. Because I was so focused on what my perceived needs were, I didn’t realize that nothing is overwhelming to God. I didn’t know how to pray over a situation like that. I was helpless, and felt abandoned at times. I remember walking down to the parking lot (to have a one sided argument with God about how He needed to take care of this). I was broken. I was blind. I was bewildered.

I was also immovable. Naomi is fine now. Still learning and improving three years later.

God allowed me to witness a miracle that opened my eys to more. More what? More everything. I’ll never forget a glimpse into the life of a frustrated driver that I happened to be following as I was on my way to the hospital three days into her stay there. I was in a hurry, thinking of her, of her beautiful blond curls that days before had been full of “pond scum”  (that morning I looked at her car seat, saw the clothes she had been wearing in the floorboard. In all the commotion and emotions, I had never taken them out after she was put on life support at our local hospital). As I hurriedly cut in front of him, the driver shot me the bird, telling me I was #1 because I was trying to hurry and get past him. In that briefest of moments I understood that we humans have problems that blind us from seeing other people truly. Their hurts, their problems, their upheavals. In an instant I understood that the thought wasn’t about the other driver, it was for me. Life is more than a series of events we survive. Life is about understanding where we are in the scheme of God’s plan. Understanding and empathizing with the very people Christ came here to die for. To sacrifice for our fellow survivors. To love our fellow survivors. Lend a hand and help lift them up, even when it feels like we are drowning ourselves.

Kind of like bees. Build, work, live, create, and empathize with our fellow survivors, because in the end, we’ll all stand in front of the One that created us both.




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