Remembrance. It’s a desire, a craving. Leaving something of yourself for generations to think on, to appreciate. The word legacy pops into mind. What and how? Who and when, how does it start? How does it continue? How do we create it?

In my mind, it all depends on who you are, what makes you up. Some people create wealth. Some people advance science. Some people strive for martyrdom. Some people hunt, some people give. For me, I think it’s all about Love, and who you leave it in the hands of. It’s entirely possible to leave love lying in the hands of the irrational, unthinking, and unconcerned. Do that and it will die with the hands you left it in. But consider for a moment, leave Love lying in the hands of passion. Of determination. Of tenacity. Do that and you create the thing you desire, a monument that lives on; lives, advances, and changes the world. The strange part (I think) is that creating this kind of legacy is completely unintentional. You turn around and look, and behold a wake of creation behind your life that will ripple for many generations into the future, and in my own heart, this is the strongest monument of all, because then it’s a monument to the ideal, and not the person.

Long live love, may it outlast us all. IMG_0423


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