The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Isn’t always. People are homeless. People are hungry. People are lonely. People can be selfish, rude, obnoxious, arrogant and petty. As we have seen before, it’s not always the people you expect that fulfill their traditional roles.


Then there are the stories of the real Santas. Stories of people that have taken the meal meant for their family, and given it to the homeless. The stories of those that have given clothing and blankets, and shelter, and finances, and toys, and hugs. Stories of people that have given of themselves. People have a tendancy to be the type of light that shines brightest in their own hearts. If you know what Christmas is all about, please share it this year. Not in a sermon from the cornucopia that is your dining room table, but from a heart that is willing to share the light that shines brightest. Don’t get all religious. Just get all Christmasy. By doing that, people will begin to see that you won’t try to slam them over the head with the book of Acts, and that not all Christians are like the mayor of Whoville.

Just my .02


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