Hiding the Cost

Why is it that Jesus made it so easy for people to leave His side? Why did He ask the hard questions? “If you love me, get up, and leave your work there, follow Me” or ” Deny yourself every day, so that you can follow Me” or “Give away everything you own, and follow Me”… Why did He make it so hard to stay? Jesus wants followers that are willing to commit unconditionally, not fair weather Pharisees. Kind of like what God did for us. “Hey God, can you give a little bit? ‘Sure, here’s Jesus”, and like what Jesus did. He gave ALL.



    Now, this next bit is for the people that want to go all in. That would be not everyone…

It’s hard to follow Jesus. Harder than we “Christians” like to admit. Jesus doesn’t want your 10%. He wants all of it. All of you. All of your talent. All of your time, relationships, money, and love.

Relinquishing that control is hard, and something that we as a church have tried to gloss over, shine up, and make look different from that which it is: a challenge that would, could, and should strip you of who you are and replace it with who you are filled up with Christ.


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