The Weight of Grace

In a time when doubts and questions confront all of us daily, let’s take a second and meditate on what Grace is, and the absolute crushing weight that it spreads evenly over our nagging concerns.


Grace is God giving to you and me the ability to stand in the presence of a perfect God, while still in an imperfect mind and body. In all of our attempts to understand all of the impossibles, we consistently look past the possible: that the greatest mystery in the universe is that God loves you, accepts you, teaches through the trials, and humbles through the victories. Who am I that He would call me not just a friend but a trusted dealer of mercy? As a worship leader I have seen many people throughout the years that have approached the throne of Grace with heads bowed in defeat, or with a hand lifted slightly to accept, with tears for the past, tears for the future, fear the unknown and anguish caused by the unknowable. A prayer of desperation, or a challenge to prove His worthiness, a calloused offhand thought flung in the direction of the One that sees to the heart. And even then, in the midst of our most severe curses, in the deepest part of our doubts, in the vast universes of our incredibly complexities, His Grace, with the weight of a thousand oceans, crushes us with simple words spoken to a thief on a cross over two thousand years ago… “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” As imperfect as we are, God still wants us. Imagine it.

For the thought of drowning in an ocean of Grace, may the consequence of losing myself never keep me from accepting the gift, as crushing as it may be.


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