The Friend of Accidental Places.


When we think on what God is to us, what Jesus is to the world, what do we do with the fact that he loves those that are unlike us? Unlike me? He loves those that think differently than I do. He relates to them in ways that I cannot (will not?) understand?

In prayer, is it not true that the prayer is most often meant to change my heart instead of God’s? In intimate proximity to Him because of the “drawing close”, doesn’t He know my heart before I even voice my prayer? Don’t be confused. Prayer is for you, not so much as it is for Him.

When we try to put God in a box because of the tendencies of religions and men, we do an injustice to the Spirit of God. Will God continue to move in our hearts and minds when we try to limit who He is? Has he ever been silent to Israel? Putting God into a box of convenience created by religious convictions, all for the sake of being comfortable in our rituals will create silence. Do not be confused. God knows your heart, He loves it. He cherishes the time of closeness. But God is not found only in the ritualistic regulations created by men and women that frequent the decorated halls of cathedrals. He is found in the shelled out apartment buildings caused by war. He is found in the quiet moments wiping mascara tears away after overdoses. He is found in the shadows of chains, even those we place on our own feet. He is found in the echoes that roll after the thunder and lightning. He is found at the graveside whispering to those that don’t know Him, as well as those that do. He is found in the crashing waves, in the lonely creak of the abandoned heart, in the fire’s ashes of the desolate and lost. He is found where you least expect Him to be.

I think the Spirit of the most Holy and High God is well able to help people with the accidental discovery of Grace. and I say “accidental” discovery because to them, they don’t know they have been drawn. Point towards the accidental places, the friend of sinners is there.


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