Riddles in the Dust



I have wondered about the mindset of the average person that saw Christ teach. So many wandering thoughts must have gone through the mind of a casual disciple; follow or run? Listen or disregard? Crazy or sane? Truth? Lies? Following the dusty paths created by this new rebel against established authority, wondering if this is the promised king, must have been in some people a form of dabbling in insanity. To watch a man teach with such authority and passion that you find yourself drawn in, even against your will, must have been alarming. To learn that the people with the power held none except that which they had stolen. So many more doubts and questions. To turn the rules established by men upside down and declare that a new time was coming… a time where men wouldn’t need to do anything but accept, believe, repent. No more sacrifices?? What about the blood? From before I could walk all I have known was that blood atones?

And then came miracles. How to even wrap your mind around it? Who had ever seen a cripple walk because of a word of compassion spoken? How could a blind person see, and when questioned say somethong ridiculous like “I only know that now I see”? Who could believe the crazy concept that the same could be done for our souls? Who could begin to comprehend that ordinary people could begin to speak things into existence? Blasphemy, surely! Dead men don’t walk and liars don’t get redeemed. In all honesty, the questions posed here belong as much to our day as to they did 2000 years ago. The answers found in those questions belong to each of us as much as the riddled of Christ’s day.

It all comes down to faith. Yes, or no, have it, or don’t. Believe God, or not.

Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

When you look at God, what do you see? A journey? An illusion? A riddle or an answer?

My hope is that you will be strong enough to ask the questions, and then use the answers found. For you, not for me. Let your answers matter to you, because at the end of all things, the answers matter for you, and you alone. Your answers are found in the dust at your feet, and the path that you find yourself wandering on.


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