The Unexpected Consequence

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Ever notice how the role of religion and Church has differing roles in people’s lives? For some it’s an ace in the sleeve, providing insurance against hard times. For others it’s a way to find fulfilment, using the church as a way to build friendships and bolster self esteem. Still others use the framework of Church to further and advance careers as speakers, artists, advisers, etc. Some people use the Church as a way to provide help paying bills. Some people use the Church as a way to play off the good intentions of kind hearted people to pay for vices and addictions. Some people use the Church, some people abuse the Church, some people run from the Church, some people run to the Church.

The unexpected consequence is that the true nature of what the Church should be is given a chance to shine in every situation listed above. Jesus will be who He is, regardless of why people try to evade, escape, use or abuse His means of bringing truth into the world. Next time we feel someone is taking advantage of the “majesty and mighty reverence” of the Church, remember that Jesus uses the foolish to shame the wise, and the weak to shame the mighty, He has chosen the things that are not, to nullify the things that are. He can use people’s wrong motivations to bring about right consequences.

The next time you (if you are a Christ follower) decide to slam someone for taking advantage of the Church or of God, think again, and never let the mistakes of men keep the unexpected consequence from being realized.


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