1. To turn, single turn, rotation, circle, spin; circuit, lap.
2. Turning, rotation, circling; orbit.

Blog space has become much less of a notable presence in my life within the past year. Was it because of changes in circumstance or just plain complacency? Both. If honesty rules the day, the answer must be both.

My time as a worship “leader” has grown into time as a worship “pastor” and I’ve come to realize that the business of music in a church environment is as much about people as it is about music. No mistakes should be made about the seriousness of operating in excellence, but that is a matter for another post. In all things of a spiritual nature, what seems to flow within the current of the worldview runs against the current of the spirit. So it is with embracing change.

When change knocks on your door, don’t shut it out just because you may be afraid of what it brings. The process of change can be painful, or it can be liberating.

Holding on to the past can keep you stagnant. Reaching for the change, embracing it, even searching it out, can grow you.

Never accept what’s good simply because you may be afraid of what’s great.

Let your thinking come full circle. You’ll be better for it.


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