Listening to Voices


Yesterday I took some time off to watch (with the littles) the solar eclipse. The voices in my head spoke of how great it would be to view and experience this astronomical event that only occurs (where I am) once in a lifetime. Some people have seen a complete eclipse several times, they must be like cats: many lives. It was very cool to see my youngest kid’s faces during totality. My older kids are grown and enjoying the adulting thing. The voices were right.

As we watched the shadows grow sharper (it was weird), I remember the voices in my heart telling me to never forget. These moments are created for the remembering. Watching as the kids looked through the glasses with a “ho-hum” kind of attitude, I thought maybe they didn’t really grasp the significance and understand; this was something they would remember forever! As totality majestically slipped into being, their faces completely changed, along with their attitudes. They were in awe. Me too. Or maybe awestruck doesn’t quite cover it. Anyway, the voices were right.

As the shadow shifted and began to make way for the bright South Carolina day, the voices in my hands began to remind me that there was work yet to be done. I had to kiss everyone (even my son, right on the cheek, it embarrassed the mess out of him) and go back to doing the thing that my head and my heart knew was waiting until after the eclipse. From beginning to end, my eclipse vaca, although short, was very productive. Very awe inspiring. Very reminding. Memories were made that will stand longer than 10 lifetimes, majesty moved ever closer toward the center of my heart and soul, and the remembrance that all I do in the form of “work” is not so much for me, as it is for the lost and lonely soul wondering if the eclipse was a coincidence of time and space, or a true revelation of God’s majesty. We are here but for a breath, and our work is done. Make the most of it. It matters. And just in case you were wondering, the voices were right.



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