Thoughts of The Galactically Insane (and the Truth)

All Christians are hypocrites. (if you find a church with no hypocrites, it won’t be when you join)

I’m perfect just the way I am. (um… right)

Jesus can’t be real. (one day we will know, wouldn’t want to be in your shoes on that day)

You have no idea what it’s like. (uh… SOMEONE has an idea of what it’s like)

Dogs are as smart as humans. (that’s why they crap on the floor)

Batman is the ultimate comic book hero. (oh, wait that’s mine…)

I’m always right. (now you sound like me… and even I  know that’s not true)

Some people can’t help being stupid… (like the galactically insane)

I don’t care if it’s wrong, it feels right! (really? I mean, really?)

Chuck Norris is king. (of jokes maybe)

It’s not wrong if you never get caught. (it was wrong the moment you thought it might be wrong)

Drugs are a viable escape from reality. (hence the phrase “galactically insane”… Reality is a viable escape from drugs)

I can understand how that hydraulic hose jammed the gears of that ark ship in the movie 2012… (uh… right)

Satan is a fictional character invented to frighten small children. (he has you right were he wants you)

The thoughts and views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of the completely sane and rational… although they should. Just my .02


One thought on “Thoughts of The Galactically Insane (and the Truth)

  1. Love this list and your comments as well!!!

    and while I adoooooore Chuck Norris – (I truly do,) I looooove the King of Kings and LORD of LORDS and am sooo grateful for HIM choosing ME!!

    Raaawk on ohhhh mighty caped crusader!!! (looove batman!)


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