Update on my daughter Naomi

Ok folks… prayer is working, along with some laying on of hands. Naomi had a chest Xray last night and her lungs are looking better. Better function too. They lowered her oxygenation levels slightly last night… can’t remember what time. Her pupils are responding to light stimulus more and the doctors are making the rounds now. We expect to talk to our doc a little later about what is on today’s agenda. We have heard the nurses talk a little about them taking her off the oscilator vent and putting her on a regular vent. Her blood pressure stabilized during the night and even though it’s day by day we know that God is all up in the middle of this thing and His glory, mercy, grace, and love are gonna shine a light thru this that will blow away any plans that the enemy would have for our Naomi, and our whole family. God is good peeps, and we expect a FULL recovery. The hard part is watching, watching is hard on me and Wendy. SOOOOO… please keep praying, I will keep letting everybody know as soon as I have more. Much love to all. Please pray hard. It’s making a difference we can see day by day.


9 thoughts on “Update on my daughter Naomi

  1. Praying with you that God will surround each of you powerfully. I bind & gag every evil thing & set them off your family to the side in jesus name. I call all Naomi’s cells into alignment with healing in jesus name. May you rest in the arms of your savior even in the midst of the storm

  2. I was hesitant to send this, but as a mother of a young woman who has spent much time in the hospital, my heart understands and aches for your situation.
    I received your prayer request via twitter thru ‘Prayer Coach’ after waking from a very vivid dream, and a morning delving into Ps. 22….’be Thou not far from me, O Lord; haste Thee to help me.’
    In the dream I saw someone holding both hands of a girl lying on a bed. She was not moving, too still, but with such strong sense of the comfort she was receiving but the person stroking her hands. Right beside me was man who knew this girl, he was grieved and placed his head upon this person’s shoulder, also seeking comfort. When I woke, I began to pray for this girl and the man. Though I do not know you, I do know our Father does! He has His strong hand upon you all and may today be a day of healing, of comfort and peace.
    God bless you
    karen thompson
    Victoria, BC Canada

  3. Hi Chris,

    My my daughter (now 26) was 5 1/2 mos old, was admitted to the NICU at Children’s Hospital in Oakland. Two days later, on Mother’s Day, she was placed on a ventilator for a couple of weeks. Our journey was similar to yours: Good/bad/God Good/bad. I know how hard this is for you and Wendy, and I am praying for you, Wendy, your family, and for a FULL recovery for Naomi – God’s precious little girl.

  4. I know what it’s like to watch a loved one going through illness while waiting on God. All I can say is continue to trust and believe that God still performs miracles.

  5. Chris,

    I have been reading about Naomi. As a toddler about 35-36 years ago, I was on Naomi’s end of the story. My mom found me face down in our pool…God is definitely in the miracle business. I am praying for her full recovery just as I fully recovered.

  6. Chris and Wendy. My hearts go out to ya’ll. Just know that Naomi is in my prayers and thoughts. I know that God has a plan and this little one is in his hands. Love you both and the whole family.

  7. Chris and Wendy,
    I’ve been in your shoes. My (then 17yr in ’08)had a freak accident. He suffered severe brain damage when his truck fell on his head. The worst part as a parent was the waiting for him to open his eyes. He was induced into a coma as well. When the surgeon let us in to see him and after giving us very little hope, we entered the room. I looked at his lifeless body and in my mind God brought me a vision that my son was sitting on a rock in heaven talking to Him. I immediately knew that my son was with Jesus and not in his body. I leaned forward to my son and I whispered:Son, I know u are not in ur body now and you are in the presence of God. Take ur time and talk to Him. I know when u are able to talk you’ll tell us everything you saw in heave. Three months later in TIRR, he suddenly began to tell his dad about his experience in heaven and the people and things he saw. Chris and Wendy, God is real, He is Alive and He loves Naomi. She’s in good hands 🙂 God bless u!

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