How To Make Your Community Strange

Jesus G

I often wonder why we as churches get into our own little space to practice that art we call worship. Imagine for a moment if we cut thru all the tape, and banded together in our communities to accomplish a more effective use of words and music.

The sharing of ideas and exchange of information among a community’s churches would do more than enable and equip more worship teams. Along with increasing skill levels vocally and musically we could as a church, begin to change the culture of a community. Will all worship pastors in a community want to take part? Maybe not. Will all musicians on those teams want to be part of something that could grow them? Nope. But then again, in the early church, not everyone wanted to follow Jesus either. But 12 souls made a difference.

We can make a difference too. I know musicians, and musicians are a strange breed. We think we have it all together, when really the best musicians I know are the ones that are willing to learn, even if it is from someone that speaks from a different genre than their own.

Being willing to cross cultural lines will help the team in YOUR church to effectively reach your community, and reaching the community is what we need right? By reaching the community the Church becomes an agent of change, and not a consequence of change. Building the kingdom of God is NOT about building a comfortable space inside a building that you can call church. It’s about going out into the world outside your walls and being an agent of change, and trust me, change ain’t always painful!! Sometimes change is incredible to witness!

How can you as a worship leader participate with other leaders in your community?

Would you really want too?

Do you understand that change starts with YOU?

Let me encourage you to lead where you see others fail to. Stand in the gap where others are falling.

Just my .02


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